Skin care routine

Mavalia face care is based on three essential principles:

Prepare skin to take the best advantage of a proper treatment programme:

The first procedure of beauty and care is to deeply cleanse your face. The face's epidermis is exposed to pollution, changing weather conditions and our modern harsh lifestyle. Every morning the skin should be gently awakened with a cleansing product that delicately eliminates the sebacesous secretions developed throughout the night. The epidermis can then breathe better and is then ready to receive its daily care products chosen for its specific needs.

Cleansing at night eliminates all the impurities accumulated during the day-time and prepares the skin to take the best advantage of its care programme while sleeping.

Prevent premature ageing of skin by maintaining its maximum moisture level:

Maintaining the ideal moisture level of the skin's top layers prevents the skin from becoming dry and therefore from ageing prematurely. The Mavalia Products work to reduce moisture loss which becomes more important year after year. They not only reduces moisture loss, but also maintain the moisture balance of the epidermis with an appropriate response to each skin type.

Protect skin with appropriate treatments of nutritive components, vitamins and active ingredients:

Finally, cleansed and moisturised skin should be protected with a care programme based on its specific needs. Once the skin is correctly nourished, moisturised, cleansed, balanced, toned, firmed, regenerated, revitalised, soothed, and therefore effectively protected, it is then prepared to fight against daily aggressions and efficiently reduce premature aging. Mavalia offers a range of care products, enriched with highly performing active ingredients, that provide a specific response to each skin type.