We tend to concentrate on the care of face and body, we often neglect giving proper care to our feet. Feet often suffer from ill-fitting shoes, they may be 'locked up' for hours with the result of dry skin, thickened corns and damaged nails.

Feet deserve the best care we can give them in order that they may accomplish the work we demand of them every day. Foot comfort and beauty require two types of care: daily care for freshness and immediate benefit, and a complete weekly Mavala pedicure for long-term maintenance.

Pedicure 1

Pedicure 2 step 1

1. Carefully clean toenails and remove nail polish by pressing cotton wool soaked with nail polish remover firmly over each nail for a few seconds then wipe off with a single stroke. Remove stubborn polish around the cuticles with a cotton wool covered manicure stick dipped in remover or with the Corrector pen.
2. Cut toenails and file to desired shape using an emery board. If necessary, use the rough side of the emery board, finishing off with the fine side.

Pedicure 2 step 2

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3. Hold the emery board slightly angled down towards the free edge of the nail. Always smooth the edges towards the centre with a light motion. Do not cut or file the edges because this weakens the resistance of the nail and can lead to ingrowing toenails.
4. Massage the nail contour with Mavala Cuticle Oil or Cuticle Cream.

Pedicure Step 4

Pedicure Step 5

5. Soak feet in a basin of warm water to which you have added a handful of Soothing Bath Salts or a few drops of Concentrated Foot Bath for five to ten minutes. You can put this time to good use by doing relaxing foot exercises.
6. Dry feet and apply a drop of Mavala Cuticle Remover on the nail contour. Leave on for a few minutes. During this time, massage any callouses with Smoothing Scrub Cream, then delicately roll cuticles back with a manicure stick covered with cotton wool. Massage callouses again with Smoothing Scrub Cream, and replace feet in the basin to easily wash off any dead skin.

Pedicure Step 6

Pedicure Step 7

7. Rinse your feet in cold water to activate the circulation and carefully dry them, paying special attention to the area between the toes.
8. Now lightly massage feet, depending on your choice of product, with either Mavala Conditioning Moisturiser, Deodorant Gel or Refreshing Gel.

Pedicure Step 8

Pedicure Step 9

9. Polish the surface of your toenails with a Pink Nail Buffer which stimulates circulation in the nail bed and gives the nails a smooth, pretty shiny surface. If you wish to apply nail polish, remember to clean toenails with a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover to clear away any oily film. Insert Pedi-pads between toes.
10. To harden your nails and prevent splitting, apply Mavala Scientifique nail hardener on the tip of the nail, being careful not to let it touch the cuticle or skin. For best results we suggest you only use Mavala Scientifique once a week. Continue with a coat of Mavala 002 double action base, on the entire nail surface. Brush on two thin coats of nail polish and finish with a coat of Mavadry 918 which speeds drying time and gives brilliance to your pedicure.