Hand Exercises

These simple exercises, if performed every day, will help to improve the suppleness of your hands and the blood circulation, enabling you to achieve the best results from your care products.

Hand Exercise 1

Hand Exercise 2

Hand Exercise 3

1. Grasp tips of fingers and push back strongly from tip to base.
2. Join hands together at the tips of fingers and press firmly. Relax, then repeat this movement a few times.
3. Stretch and spread fingers as much as possible. Hold this position for a moment, then clench into a fist as tightly as you can.

Hand Exercise 4

Hand Exercise 5

Hand Exercise 6

4. To relax muscles, hold hands up in front of you and let them hang loosely from the wrist. Shake gently from side to side.
5. Rest hands on flat surface. Lift up fingers one at a time.
6. Place hands together then separate fingers in pairs.

Hand Exercise 7

Hand Exercise 8

Hand Exercise 9

7. Firmly press each fingertip to your thumb.
8. Hold the left forearm firmly with the right hand and make circular motions with the left hand. Reverse.
9. Lace fingers together, pressing one hand against the other, bend as far to the right, then as far to the left as possible. This will relax the movement of the wrist.