Written by Mavala

Introducing our first Blogger Spotlight of 2013..


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Beauty in the Mirror.

“I live in Devon with my family and two cuddly cats. I work at home so I can be with my children.  I remember getting hooked on Beauty Blogs a few years ago and soon plucked up the courage to start my own blog.”

When did your interest in beauty begin?

“I have always had a passion for beauty from a young age and have been lucky enough to work for a few companies, I have a natural desire towards makeup and skincare. I love nothing more than walking into a department store and looking at all the beautiful makeup stands. I'm like a child in a sweetie shop, I want it ALL!!”

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As a beauty writer what is your favourite thing to write about?

“I really enjoy writing about favourite products and storage ideas, these are both topics which I enjoy reading about and so in turn I enjoy writing about them. However if I had to pick a certain area within beauty it would be skincare. I'm a big believer in skincare and for me skincare is an investment. You can spend all the money in the world on makeup but you need a good base to start with.”

What do you spend the most time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

“I would say Skincare. I enjoy using facial masks on a weekly basis! I'm a true Skincare junkie and want to age gracefully; we only get one face so treat it well!”

What brands/products are your staples?

“Oh, this is good question. Staple products which I could not be without have to be mascara, concealer and lip balm. These are my desert island essentials. As for brands I love Clarins, Origins and my newest discoveries are REN and Nude Skincare.”

In terms of day to day what's your default beauty look?

“Natural- I enjoy prepping my skin and giving it a nice healthy glow, soft pink cheeks, natural eyes, mascara and a pink lip. I'm obsessed with highlighter and rely on it most days!”

Who epitomises the idea of timeless beauty to you and why?

“Audrey Heburn, she was a natural beauty and often makes me think we don't need to pile on makeup to look or feel beautiful.”

Where do you discover new brands and products you?

“I'm always reading beauty blogs, beauty sections in magazines and of course YouTube.”

Looking back what has been your biggest beauty disaster?

“Over plucking my eyebrows! I did this in my teens and had to wait for them to grow back- it wasn't a great look!”

Best piece of advice you've heard/been given?

“Using a foundation brush to apply face masks! This is such a good idea and one which has made such a difference for me! Product isn't wasted and you can apply the mask effectively and evenly all over the skin!”

Any beauty related New Years resolutions?

“To keep my skincare routine simple, not to hoard products and to use products up! Let's hope I keep to it- for my husbands sake!”

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