Written by Mavala


Tell me a bit about yourself?

My names Hayley from Beauty Rambles, I’m 22 and a beauty addict who has a penchant for a new nail colour and a pink lip. I love finding new products and brands whilst losing afternoons tapping away new content for my blog.

Why did you start Beauty Rambles and what inspired the name?

I started my blog simply because I had a-lot of time on my hands. At the beginning of last year I took really ill, and was practically housebound so decided to be positive and constructive and hey ho presto- BeautyRambles was born. The name was pretty much based on my nature: I love all aspects of beauty and can chat away for hours; so that’s where the rambles part comes in.

What are your go-to beauty products and brands?

I think the basis of all beauty is skincare. I think if you get that right then everything else will fit into place. So, good skincare: then a good base and you'll be away. Mavala for nails; I love that the 5ml pots are just enough to update your nail wardrobe without making a dent in your bank balance. Although I always pick up more than I should, I can’t walk away with just one bottle of colour goodness!

What would you say you invest more time on skincare, haircare or make-up and why?

Definitely my skincare regime. Partly because that’s my problem area; like I said earlier- if you get your skincare right, I think the rest will follow. My hair is pretty neglected unfortunately: I love a topknot far too much!

Beauty wise how would you describe your default day to day look?

Definitely nude make up. So a clear complexion, a pop of pink on the cheeks- a taupe based eye and a pink lip - a blush shade for day and fuchsia for evening! Topped with lashings of mascara.

What’s your biggest beauty no-no?

A foundation tide line. I can’t think of anything worse- either get a proper foundation match or blend like hell.. I’d rather be bare faced that have that dreaded line.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given in terms of style and beauty?

This is a tough one. Although my granddad always says: 'A little bit of powder a little bit of paint cannot make a lady something that she ain’t.' So that’s a pretty good line- be true to yourself, and let your natural beauty shine through. Not bad coming from an 88 year old I guess.

Who are your style icons and why?

I love Emma Watson- her style and her make-up is always flawless. I think she is really on trend but classic at the same time- definitely my kind of girl!