Written by Mavala


Tell us about yourself and how/why you started Belles Boutique?

I'm Laura and I'm a 25 year old beauty enthusiast currently working full time as an air stewardess. I have a huge passion for all things beauty and have been writing my beauty blog for fours years.

For as long as I can remember I've been pretty obsessed with the beauty industry, but after studying beauty therapy at college, I decided that I wanted to do something slightly less hands on and more behind the scenes. At the time, I was reading quite a few beauty blogs; my favourite being Milly from Pearls and Poodles and decided that I would start my own as a new years resolution, which having never kept to one before has turned out to be something quite fantastic for me.

What areas of beauty have your readers come to know you for?

I think the area of beauty that my readers have come to know me for is definitely make-up, with a huge focus on lipstick. I've built up quite the collection and my lipstick posts always seem to go down pretty well with my readers.

What are your favourite things to write about and why?

Lipstick reviews are probably my ultimate favourite and I love putting together swatch posts of new collections. It's always exciting to write about new beauty launches, especially if there’s a buzz surrounding them, but when it's a product or collection that I'm genuinely really excited about, it's so much more fun to share.

Can you share some of your go to brands across nails, skin, hair and make-up?

My go to brands vary so much but at the moment for nails I'm absolutely loving Mavala polishes. You get just the right amount of product per bottle and their price point is great for switching it up through different trends. In terms of skincare, at the moment my regime mostly consists of REN, Origins and Clarins. Having the opportunity to try so many new products, I never really find myself sticking to one skincare brand. For hair, I really love Bumble and Bumble as an overall brand, they have so many different ranges to suit everyone, although the Surf range is probably my favourite. Asking a beauty blogger what their favourite make up brand isn't fair, I can't choose! Okay, I'm really enjoying Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier at the moment, although MAC always get it right for me. In terms of a drug store brand, I can't get enough of Bourjois.

What would you say you invest more time on in terms of your overall look?

I definitely think that I invest more time in my make up over anything else, although I'm desperately trying to spend more time on my skincare regime as once that's perfect, I hopefully won't need to spend so much time on my base.

What are the most important things you’ve learnt has a beauty writer?

As a beauty writer, I've definitely learnt that what works for me, might not work for you. As far as reviews go, you should buy something because you genuinely want to try it and think it will work for you, not just because it's massively raved about. I try my very best not to fall for "hyped" products because I've been left disappointed so many times and with that in mind, I'm always honest with my readers as so many products, particularly skincare are subjective to different ages/skin types etc.

 Care to share your biggest beauty no-no?

My biggest no-no's have got to be foundation lines and harsh, unblended areas- blending is key! Oh and I have a bit of a thing about bad cuticles which stems back to my beauty therapy days!