Written by Mavala


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started KaKa Beauty Blog?

“I'm a bit of a make up hoarder; I'm terrible, I never throw anything out! I have such a massive case of it all now that it has become borderline obsessive! I had all this make up and yet I was still forever buying more! I guess I started blogging because I wanted a space to share it all with people! It started as a diary of my spending habits and it gradually became a favourite past time! If I'm not shopping nowadays then I'm usually blogging!”

When did your interest in beauty begin?

“Unfortunately I was not blessed with great skin, and as an awkward teenager I tried my best to my hide imperfections. My first make up item was a compact by 17 that I used to hide the eczema on my face. Whilst it never really helped hide the rash, it did make me feel better in my own skin! I guess it was at this point that I realised that I love how make up helps me feel more like me, and so began a lifelong beauty journey!

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Your nail art is pretty impressive – how did you start and are you professionally trained?

“Thanks! I never really thought much about this to be honest. My blog started as a beauty blog, but somehow my nail art has managed to become some of the more popular posts. I'm not a trained nail artist though, just a self taught nail polish addict. People around me now refer to my collection as the ‘Bucket’.

I guess it began when I used to work as a marketeer for a nail brand. We had a collection to launch and I started painting samples on to acrylic nails to see what we could do. I ended up doing a camouflage design to which a colleague at the time suggested that I had an apt for this. I went home to do a bit of research and found loads of nail art posts by bloggers already! I got really inspired to do my own! 1 year on with loads of practice, here I am!”

As a beauty writer what is your favourite thing to write about?

“That's a tough one because I love make up and nails equally! I guess if I HAD to pick one I'd choose nail art! Since nail art takes time to do, it’s extra satisfying when you can write and share it with people; after all you're going to want people to be able to appreciate the hard work and effort you put into it.

I'm still hoping that one day I will master a whole new technique/look that will take the nail art world by storm! Haha fingers crossed hey! I'm so in love with Madeline Poole's work! Her Nail Framing nail art was just brilliant! I'd love to get inside her head to see what inspires her incredible nail art!”

What brands/products are your staples?

“Oh gosh I have many it's hard to name a few, but brands that I love include e.l.f. Cosmetics, Illamasqua and Mac Cosmetics. My staple products that I use everyday include eyeliner, Lipstick and most importantly lipbalm! I am the worst for dry lips and need to carry my Bisteze with me everywhere or else I turn into a Diva!

When I paint my nails I like to use a ridge filler as I have very ridged nails, they run pretty deep so I either have to buff them out or fill them. I don't always like to buff though as it thins out my nails. So to give them a break I'll use Mavala Ridge Filler to make my nails looks super smooth and ridge free!”

 In terms of day to day what's your default beauty look?

“I Iove the minimal make up look; as deceiving as that sounds, minimal make up isn't very minimal at all! It takes so much product to make you look like you're not wearing very much at all! Oh the irony!”

Are there any trends for the Spring/Summer season that you’re looking forward to trying out?

“I'm very much looking forward to the Pale Nails trend! I love wearing white and nude polishes! It just makes everything look so elegant! Plus its one of the easiest trend to do! I'm not very good when it comes to braving mad beauty looks!”

What do you spend the most time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

“I'm a big believer in skin care! I spend a fortune on creams and potions that promise to make my super sensitive/dry skin more radiant and supple! I've come a long way with my skin and it's getting better, and my eczema doesn’t act out as much anymore!”

Where do you discover new brands and products to try?

“I love reading blogs as much as I love writing them. I find most of my beauty crazes/products/wishlists by discovering them on other blogs! My favourite blogs to read include so many, but to name a few: Le Beauty Girl, Epiphannie A, British Beauty Blogger, and a recent discovery of mine Victoria from In The Frow, she has the most amazing hair! There are hundreds more but I cant relay them all here otherwise it might start looking like an essay!”

Looking back what has been your biggest beauty disaster?

“Hmm... I don't know why this is so hard, I've probably committed quite a few beauty crimes in my time! I think it would be when I had my hair professionally straightened after I'd bleached my hair! BIG mistake! The treatment just burnt and damaged all my hair and I had to cut my long hair into a short helmet crop! Not a good look! My hair was so dry for months.”

Best piece of advice you've heard/been given?

“Another tough one! I really like washing my face with Chrysanthemums! My aunty told me that this was very soothing especially for my super sensitive skin! I had a massive rash breakout and I was in so much pain from the broken, bleeding skin at this point I was ready to try anything! My mum always has a stash of Chrysanthemums that I steal to make my DIY facewash! It’s so soothing! My rash was instantly looking better and less raw after one wash! I've been hooked ever since!”

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