Written by Mavala


This month's Blogger Spotlight comes from one of the stars of our 'That's My Colour' videoand a long time favourite of ours, Really Ree!

Tell us a bit about yourself and ReallyRee.com

"I am a very excitable, enthusiastic person that is totally obsessed with pretty things. ReallyRee.com is the place I go to get it all out!!"

You cover a wide range of beauty  but what are your favourite things to write about and why?

"I genuinely am interested in all kinds of different aspects of beauty. I adore a good lotion, potion and mask and love having a play with all that stuff. I have complete faith in good skincare and have a real fixation with cleansing. I really look forward to it! You can often see instant improvements in your skin. I like writing about that kind of thing.

But colour is my favourite. Whether it’s a stunning new shade of lipstick or nail polish, a pretty blusher or an amazing eye palette, I want to get it on me and then straight on the blog. It can be a bit of a frenzy!"

Your look is always polished and immaculate - What are you go-to beauty staples?

"Oooh thanks!! I try! I love to get good flawless dewy skin and then I play around with all the rest of my makeup. Sometimes I go for a bold lip and sometimes it’s nude and glossy. It depends how I am feeling. I wear colour on my nails - every minute of every day of every year. I actually feel naked if I have no polish on – it’s like my nails ache for it…really.

Also, I am never far from a hair styling tool – I enjoy playing with different styles and I feel great when my hair looks good."

Where do you tend to go to for new products and brands?

My inbox!!!

What would you say you invested more time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

"This is a hard one. I am a bit fanatical about all three. And it really depends what kind of day I am having. When I am not triple cleansing, my skincare is fast – cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturiser – ok, not that fast. But it is faster than makeup which can be quite involved, unless I am going for just a BB, mascara and lipgloss, which is really fast – probably faster than skincare. And I can whip up some waves in a flash, unless I am starting from scratch and going for full on curls – which can take much longer. I think what I am trying to say is…it depends."

You've amassed quite a following. Why would you say your readers come back time and time again?

"I really hope and know so. I have the most amazing readers who are constantly chatting with me on twitter which I really love. Often I feel like I know them and they know me. Of course people come and go and I have really a rather wide audience with 16 to 60 year olds reading. I like to think there is something for everyone. I am a typical female and although a lot changes as you age, some things stay the same. Once a girly girl, always a girly girl. I think I have a lot of girly girls all over the world that support my blog. I thank heaven for girly girls every day!"

What have been your most popular posts?

"My home hair ombre post has been my most popular post of all time. I am so glad I took the plunge to do some DIY dye! I love experimenting at home and although it is great to get into a salon, it is so much more rewarding to share the stuff you can get to grips with at home. And if your hair looks great, pretty much everything else falls into place.

People love the posts about styling your hair to achieve messy, undone yet sexy waves too. I am a bit of a hair bear!

Other than that people seem to love reading about foundation, BB and CC creams, and who can blame them? I am utterly consumed by the search for the perfect base myself."

If you care to share, what has been your biggest style or beauty disaster?

"I once turned up to a shoot wearing no makeup to save the makeup artist’s time. It turned out there was no makeup artist!! I emptied my handbag and somehow managed to hatch together a complete face. The moral of that story is, “you can never carry too much makeup!”."

Any beauty tips or secrets that you'd like to divulge?

"I always carry my current bottle of nail polish in my bag in case of chips. Alongside that, I have a light eye cream that I can pat under my eyes to freshen my makeup during the day. Cleansing is the key to great skin, keep going until a cotton pad comes back clean! Finally, never go on sunbeds and always protect your skin from the sun – a tan will only last you a week, but you have to make your skin last a whole life time."