Written by Ian Robson


Retail selling is a game involving you and the customer.  If you get the tactics right it’s easy to score a win for both of you.  But what are these moves which can help you improve your selling skills? We outline some of the training skills our MAVALA team use to convert browsers into customers.


1.       Positive attitude and energy


We buy into people and those who exude positivity, passion and energy tend to attract us most.  Approach your sale with the energy and enthusiasm of an athlete starting a race.  See how infectious this can be and how much easier it is to recommend the best product for each customer. 


2.       Do your homework


While you don’t need to know everything about a product, it helps if you know the main selling points.  Perhaps there’s a new range to show or a best-selling colour.  If the customer has some nail health issues, then find out in advance which product is best for each condition. Helping them solve a problem will make you their favourite sales person. 


3.       Look the part


If you’re selling nail care and colour it helps if you also have fabulous nails.  Try keeping the colour on trend with the season or demonstrating the natural health of your nail through care.


4.       Base your sell on the value


Everyone likes to get value for money but this doesn’t always mean buying cheap or at a discount.  With the MAVALA mini colours, there’s no wastage so highlighting this point when introducing the brand can help the customer to see the benefits of purchasing a mini bottle.


5.       Be honest


It’s important to develop trust between you and the client and you can only do this when you are honest. You want to present all the facts so the customer can then make a decision.  Remember the customer wants to buy, not to be sold to!


6.       Remember you’re there to serve


You’re there to serve the customer and in return you get the reward of the sale.  Go the extra mile in helping them find their perfect nail product and they’ll not only be talking about the product but the amazing sales person who ‘served’ them.


7.       Sell to the heart not the head


As every good sales person know, we buy with our emotions rather than for rational reasons. Selling to a customer involves selling them an image of who they want to be which could be that glamorous party person, immaculate professional or a more rejuvenated version of themselves.  So don’t be afraid to sell the dream and see where it takes you both.


Making profit and retailing MAVALA is easier than you think, we have displays and units of all shapes and sizes to suit all business.  We’re always looking out for great retailers and spas to get on board.  Please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.