Garden Party Showcard A


The outstanding features from the trend collections for the coming warmer days of 2015 are whites, bursts of colour and flowers and even more flowers! The are essential as they announce the Spring, like the first swallows.

The catwalks for Spring/Summer 2015 unveil a botanical festival, a mixture of graphical and romantic, giving a perfect balance between sophisticated and natural. The overall look sparkles with understated elegance, with short floaty, flowery dresses in  a light-weight wardrobe, resembling soft, silky, lightly cascading petals. The silhouette is aery and fresh, the mood is light-hearted and joyful.

To accompany this tender sweet, spontaneous and dashing trend, Mavala has created six flowery shades, for a blend of poetry and magic, Romanesque and avant-garde: Garden Party Colours with a high shine and long lasting formula.

Magnolia - A milky rose, like a powdery cloud

Begonia A faded rose, both fragile and comforting

Azalea - A stylish and fresh, mischievous pink

Amaryllis - A light and sunny coral

Petunia - A bluish pink, fresh and self-assured

Iris - A proud and frank mauve


magnolia begonia azalea amaryllis

   petunia  iris