Care solution

If you live in a humid climate or area, swim or exercise a lot then you will benefit from using Mavalas' water resistant make-up products. All products are anti-smudge and waterproof to give you the confidence of wearing make-up that holds well, ensuring that no matter what you are doing you can look your best.

Care solution:
Begin by applying Eye-Base on eyelids and eye contour and allow to penetrate. Firstly, this base protects and moisturises the delicate skin around the eyes, and secondly it fixes make-up and improves its adherence and appearance. Intensify your look by applying Silky Eye Shadow with its creamy and water resistant formula enriched with silky amino acids and ceramides. Then colour your lashes with the professional curved brush of the Waterproof Mascara, protein enriched, which covers the lashes one by one whilst protecting them.