Care solution

This complexion is characteristic of an oily or mixed skin (with the T-zone area more oily). The excess of sebaceous secretions forms a shiny film on the skin and the presence of blackheads makes the skin shiny, yellowish or greyish and the complexion unclear. A lack of skin hygiene, appropriate care or using the wrong make-up products will encourage and maintain this blotchy appearance.

Care solution:
To make the complexion more even and matt use Mavalia Fluid Foundation moisturising and non-comedogenic base make-up as it does not contain any oils. Its composition and texture ensure an easy application which resists climatic variations, becomes water resistant and visibly diminishes skin irregularities. It also contains sun filters.

Alternatively, non-greasy Mavalia Wet and Dry Powder allows you to vary the amount of coverage you prefer by using either a dry or wet sponge. On a blotchy complexion, an application with a wet sponge is recommended to obtain an impeccable matt and uniform result. It allows an extremely easy application and an excellent coverage.

Used alone or applied after a foundation, Mavalia Transparent Pressed Powder provides a uniform and velvety complexion due to its excellent reaction with the skin. It provides a complete adherence and its macademia oil helps regulate the skins oil balance. It assures an excellent coverage. All these products come in different shades to adapt to each type of complexion and to respond to every style and taste.