Care solution

A fresh, luminous and generally even complexion is the reflection of a healthy and balanced skin. However, tiredness or neglect in protecting the epidermis of the face or using the wrong make-up products can all cause a temporary loss of freshness and radiance.

Care solution:
To highlight natural beauty, bring out and maintain luminosity and radiance, the Mavalia range offers different make-up products to combine care with beauty. Mavalia Moisturising Tinted Cream helps the skin to protect itself against environmental damage, maintains the skins' ideal moisture level and visibly diminishes the appearance of any skin irregularities. It assures a light, uniform and easy application.

Mavalia Transparent Pressed Powder provides a uniform and matt complexion leaving the skin feeling velvety and soft thanks to different components which react beautifully with the skin, allowing an excellent, natural coverage.

To highlight skin and flatter the complexion, Mavalia Iridescent Blush is an innovative formula: a cream applied with fingertips that turns into a silky powder once on the skin. It gives a soft and silky feel. All these products come in different shades to adapt to each type of complexion and to respond to every style and taste.