Care solution

Lips, unlike face and body skin, are deprived of sebaceous glands which maintain the functioning of the skin's natural barrier. They are, therefore, prone to dryness and cracks and should be better protected. A lack of care, an unhealthy general condition, or using the wrong make-up products can quickly dry out or damage lips.

Care solution:
To care for and protect lips use Mavala Lip Balm, a restoring product for dry and chapped lips, but also ideal for all lips, whatever their condition, to retain their suppleness, softness and youth. Contains a botanical complex, shea butter and filters.

Mavalia Lipstick glides on easily and looks impeccable. Its botanical ingredients moisturise, soften and protect lips. It provides an irresistible comfort to the lips, which stay soft and silky.

When lips are dry and creased it is difficult to draw a neat and precise stroke. However, any mistakes, i.e. a pencil stroke which smudges or an imprecise line, may be corrected by using the Mavalia Make-up Corrector, a magical eraser pen which gently removes make-up mistakes, even waterproof ones, in one single stroke. It dispenses an extra-gentle make-up remover, ideal for the delicate area around the eyes or the dry and sensitive contour of the lips.