Care solution

Normal skin can become dry and sensitive due to over exposure to the sun, wind and pollution, or as a reaction to stress. The skin can lose suppleness and tone and may also become subject to blemishes such as redness, flakiness, premature wrinkles or roughness. Therefore, even normal skin needs to be properly cared for so it does not deteriorate and dry out.

Care solution:
Mavalia Multivitamin Cream applied every morning moisturises, regenerates and protects, thanks to its botanical extracts and vitamins. It is an excellent make-up base. 

At night use Mavalia Hydro-Active Night Cream. Containing the exclusive Q10PP™ Complex this night cream stimulates natural collagen synthesis and skin cell renewal.

Use Mavalia Firming Mask once a week to improve skin elasticity and firmness in a gentle and long-lasting way.
To help prevent skin from premature ageing around eyes and lips and to smoothe lines and wrinkles, apply Mavalia Structuring Serum every day. This unique serum has a firming and tightening effect on the eyes and lip contour.