Care solution

Typically it is only the median zone (forehead, nose and chin) of the face that is prone to oily skin. Mixed skin type has oily skin characteristics on the median zone and normal skin characteristics on the rest of the face. The needs of both skin types need to be taken into consideration to provide the best care solution.

Care solution:
To cleanse mixed skin use Mavalia Cleansing Foam. This effective foam absorbs and instantly eliminates excess sebum and any other impurity. Its 'polyfruit' complex gently scrubs dead cells, which are likely to block dilated pores, while improving collagen synthesis. 

Mavalia Specific Toning Lotion completes cleansing of skin. Its ingredients help balance the skins' natural oils and close pores, while toning and purifying.

Oily and mixed skin types must still be moisturised and protected every day: Mavalia Matifying Cream contains sodium PCA for an ideal moisture balance, microspheres as a long-lasting absorbing agent of sebum excess, astringent mallow, vitamin E, and UVA and UVB filters for protected and beautiful skin. As an added treatment use Mavalia Balancing Mask which helps skin regain its ideal balance. Its micro-sponge complex with a 'sebo-catching' effect will immediately matify the epidermis, and the extract of burdock root regulates and purifies skin.