Care solution

There are various reasons why lipstick does not last: dry lips, make-up products which are wrongly used, poor quality products. In addition lips which are creased or dry will tend to smudge, particularly when lipstick is applied directly onto the lips.

Care solution:
To fix lipstick and to avoid smudging apply Lip Base. A light and penetrating cream it is gentle, moisturising and protecting. Its fixing agents help lipstick last longer, accentuate luminosity and brightness and avoid smudging.

Draw a fine line with Mavalia Lip Contour Pencil to give a perfect application of lipstick without any smudges. The pencil glides easily over the lip line and contains moisturisers to prevent lips drying out.
Mavalia Lipsticks provide an impeccable and long-lasting wear. They glide on easily while leaving a fine and uniform layer. They soften and protect lips and provide an irresistible comfort.