Care solution

If the wrong type of lipstick is chosen, it can feel uncomfortable and will not last long on the lips. When choosing, the condition of the lips, whether they are well moisturised, dry or creased, and features of each lipstick should be taken into consideration.

Care solution:
Mavalia Lipstick provides a light texture which glides on easily while leaving a fine and uniform layer which does not run into the creases of lips. Its wear is impeccable and long-lasting. It stays on perfectly hour after hour and softens and gives protection to the lips.

Mavalip Lipstick has a rich and creamy texture which glides on easily and evenly. Its coverage allows great comfort even if lips are dry. Its regular application avoids dryness which may cause lips to chap and crack. It provides an effective protection, ideal for dry and sensitive lips.

For a perfect application, without any smudges and long-lasting wear, first draw a fine line with Mavalia Lip Contour Pencil around the lips. Extra-gentle and easy application.