Very fine and non-greasy pressed powder, to be applied either dry or wet

MAVALIA Wet n Dry Powder A

Powder can even out your complexion with an invisible veil that provides a subtle matte look. It can be loose or pressed, used over your foundation (or tinted cream), or used after applying your daily care products.

Mavalia Wet And Dry Powder can be applied with the utmost ease and has a long-lasting effect, while allowing you to vary the amount of coverage your prefer, with either a dry or wet sponge. SPF 14.

How to use:
Apply to face and neck with the special sponge and repeat, when needed, to eliminate shiny spots.

With a wet sponge: impeccable matte complexion.
With a dry sponge: velvety and silky peach-like finish.


Harissa Kasbah Nomade Simoun
Sirocco Touareg