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Mavala is the world leader in natural nail care with a heritage spanning over 50 years and stockists in over 130 countries worldwide. 

Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem, Mavala begun with the introduction of Scientifique Nail Hardener which remains one of Mavala’s best-selling products to date. The company was sold privately to Swiss owner, Jean Maute, and remains privately owned by Mr Maute and his family who oversee all new launches and research and development in Switzerland. Trading for over 50 years, Mavala has become synonymous with quality thanks to its specific and effective professional standards spanning nail, hand, feet, skincare and make-up. 

Nail Specialists 

Well known for its nail care, Mavala specialises in the maintenance of natural, beautiful looking nails with a range of products to treat all nail problems . From uneven nail surfaces, splitting and flaking, or nail discolouration, Mavala offers an effective nail care solution. With an ever increasing colour selection to choose from, whether it’s a classic red, chic nude or a bold and bright shade, the range of over 250 colours is sure to cater for all your clients’ needs. 

Soft Touch 

In addition to supreme nail care, Mavala’s Swiss Hand Care Programme offers two ranges of products, specifically formulated to care for the hands. The Specific Hand Care Collection of three targeted products treats hands to reveal smoother and more radiant hands, whilst the Daily Hand Care range contains four essentials which can be used by anyone, every day, to protect hands whilst adding and maintaining moisture. 

An Eye For Beauty 

One of its oldest products to date, Mavala’s Double-Lash launched in 1967. Double-Lash is a unique eyelash enhancer formulated to lengthen, cover and protect the lashes to give regular users longer, healthier lashes. Building on this success, the Eye-Lite eye care range now consists of an assortment of products from eye make-up removers, nourishing eye creams and gels, and a selection of high quality make-up products. 

Fresh Face 

Following extensive research and development, Mavala extended its offering further to include Mavalia, a line of premium skincare and cosmetics. The Mavalia skincare range uses natural extracts of Mallow found in the Alps which provides smoothing, emollient, astringent and refreshing properties to all the Mavalia skincare range. Mavalia’s cosmetics collection is ever growing with an extensive range of foundations, eye products and lip collections. 

Top To Toe Beauty 


To ensure your clients are pampered from head to toe, Mavala also offers an effective range of foot care. From scrubs and salts, to moisturisers and coolers, no matter what feet are put through they will be well looked after with this targeted collection of products. 

Mavala Melodic Lipsticks

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Melodic Lipsticks

Mavalia’s new Melodic collection offers six lipstick shades that perfectly complement the new Symphonic nail collection. The range includes: Mambo (sandy pinky brown), Barocco (glowing brown), Allegro (orange), Tango (pearly brown), Adagio (rose) and Flamenco (coral red).

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Mavala Symphonic Nail Colours

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Symphonic Colors Collection

This new collection is in tribute to autumn. Moved by a Bohemian mood, the featured extra long-wear and gloss nail polishes include Pokhara, a Marsala wine red-brown that adds richness and subtleness; Buenos Aires, a woodland brown, embracing and passionate, like a tango; Samara, a winter sun, infinitely burnt by the Earth; Dublin, not orange, nor beige, nor pink, a cream rose of the sky after the rain; Tallinn, a soft cozy cashmere rose, to brave the freezing blizzard; Chicago, a metallic brown violet, underground and mysterious.

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Blogger Spotlight; Really Ree

Posted by on in Blogger Spotlight


This month's Blogger Spotlight comes from one of the stars of our 'That's My Colour' video and a long time favourite of ours, Really Ree!

Tell us a bit about yourself and ReallyRee.com

"I am a very excitable, enthusiastic person that is totally obsessed with pretty things. ReallyRee.com is the place I go to get it all out!!"

You cover a wide range of beauty  but what are your favourite things to write about and why?

"I genuinely am interested in all kinds of different aspects of beauty. I adore a good lotion, potion and mask and love having a play with all that stuff. I have complete faith in good skincare and have a real fixation with cleansing. I really look forward to it! You can often see instant improvements in your skin. I like writing about that kind of thing.

But colour is my favourite. Whether it’s a stunning new shade of lipstick or nail polish, a pretty blusher or an amazing eye palette, I want to get it on me and then straight on the blog. It can be a bit of a frenzy!"

Your look is always polished and immaculate - What are you go-to beauty staples?

"Oooh thanks!! I try! I love to get good flawless dewy skin and then I play around with all the rest of my makeup. Sometimes I go for a bold lip and sometimes it’s nude and glossy. It depends how I am feeling. I wear colour on my nails - every minute of every day of every year. I actually feel naked if I have no polish on – it’s like my nails ache for it…really.

Also, I am never far from a hair styling tool – I enjoy playing with different styles and I feel great when my hair looks good."

Where do you tend to go to for new products and brands?

My inbox!!!

What would you say you invested more time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

"This is a hard one. I am a bit fanatical about all three. And it really depends what kind of day I am having. When I am not triple cleansing, my skincare is fast – cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturiser – ok, not that fast. But it is faster than makeup which can be quite involved, unless I am going for just a BB, mascara and lipgloss, which is really fast – probably faster than skincare. And I can whip up some waves in a flash, unless I am starting from scratch and going for full on curls – which can take much longer. I think what I am trying to say is…it depends."

You've amassed quite a following. Why would you say your readers come back time and time again?

"I really hope and know so. I have the most amazing readers who are constantly chatting with me on twitter which I really love. Often I feel like I know them and they know me. Of course people come and go and I have really a rather wide audience with 16 to 60 year olds reading. I like to think there is something for everyone. I am a typical female and although a lot changes as you age, some things stay the same. Once a girly girl, always a girly girl. I think I have a lot of girly girls all over the world that support my blog. I thank heaven for girly girls every day!"

What have been your most popular posts?

"My home hair ombre post has been my most popular post of all time. I am so glad I took the plunge to do some DIY dye! I love experimenting at home and although it is great to get into a salon, it is so much more rewarding to share the stuff you can get to grips with at home. And if your hair looks great, pretty much everything else falls into place.

People love the posts about styling your hair to achieve messy, undone yet sexy waves too. I am a bit of a hair bear!

Other than that people seem to love reading about foundation, BB and CC creams, and who can blame them? I am utterly consumed by the search for the perfect base myself."

If you care to share, what has been your biggest style or beauty disaster?

"I once turned up to a shoot wearing no makeup to save the makeup artist’s time. It turned out there was no makeup artist!! I emptied my handbag and somehow managed to hatch together a complete face. The moral of that story is, “you can never carry too much makeup!”."

Any beauty tips or secrets that you'd like to divulge?

"I always carry my current bottle of nail polish in my bag in case of chips. Alongside that, I have a light eye cream that I can pat under my eyes to freshen my makeup during the day. Cleansing is the key to great skin, keep going until a cotton pad comes back clean! Finally, never go on sunbeds and always protect your skin from the sun – a tan will only last you a week, but you have to make your skin last a whole life time."


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Blogger Spotlight: Peanut Buttered

Posted by on in Blogger Spotlight


Tell us a bit about yourself, how you met and why you started peanut buttered?

“We met while working as show business journalists at news website Mail Online, and instantly hit it off. Andrea is an Aussie living across the Pond, while Sarah is a Northern girl hailing from Manchester. After bonding over food, wine, gossip, and sunny climes (fun fact: we lived around the corner from each other in Sydney a few years back, and never met) we were separated when Andrea, and subsequently Sarah went on secondment to Los Angeles.  It was while Sarah was in LA that we decided to team up on a project - a creative outlet that was completely separate from work.  We talked about it and talked about it and finally, one day in April, Peanut Buttered was born. It's our very own little space to muse over the little things in life that make us smile.”

What are your favourite things to write about and why?

“Anything stylish and scrumptious - beauty, food and travel are our primary themes, with a little fashion, fitness and fun on the town thrown in. Basically, the things we love to do. Andrea loves to bake and play with manicures, while Sarah is a fitness freak and a bit of a party animal, running around events all over town, and we're both huge foodies with the travel bug.”

What are your most popular posts?

“The recipes in our 'nom nom nom' section do well, especially if they're particularly indulgent, like our Mr Whippy Cupcakes or Love Brownies. Our regular Tuesday Talons manicure posts have a smaller but more dedicated following. Travel posts are always a hit, for the escapism factor, and then sometimes we are surprised by ones that do well. Sarah wrote about a walk she took in Derbyshire a few weeks ago, which we didn't think would be hugely popular, but we just loved the gorgeous pictures she took. It did amazingly well.”

Food is featured quite heavily – who’s the bigger foodie of the two?

“Andrea cooks, and Sarah is the official taste tester! We are both huge foodies. We would eat out at a new restaurant every night if our wallets allowed it. We have a list of 'must try' places that is never-ending.  Andrea would happily spend the rest of her life in a kitchen, whipping up decadent desserts and sumptuous dinners, but Sarah weighs in from time to time with some healthy recipes to balance out all the naughty treats we write about.”

You seem to be constantly out and about – how do you find the time to blog?

“We are both running around London as part of our jobs, either at events, red carpets and launches, or trying out new bars and restaurants. Andrea is now freelance, so she manages to fit in blogging as part of her daily routine, while Sarah writes on her days off. It can be hectic at times, but having two of us helps - if Sarah has a particularly busy week or is out of town, Andrea will pick up the slack, and vice versa. We are in constant contact, either over the phone or text, checking each other's work, giving feedback and forward planning what we will be posting for the next week. It also helps that we love writing Peanut Buttered... It's our baby!”

From a beauty perspective what do you invest the most in and why?

Andrea: “Nail polish. My collection is getting slightly out of hand. I mix it up with a number of different brands, both higher end, and more affordable for the seasonal, on-trend colours. The neon shades I adored in the summer seem bizarre to me already. Mavala, OPI, Essie and Barry M are the bottles that take up the most space in my collection. I also love a rich, great quality body moisturiser - Kiehl's Creme de Corps is my saviour in the cold English winter, face exfoliator - Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is wonderful, and candles - Diptyque, Jo Malone and Malin + Goetz are my favourites.”

Sarah:“I am obsessed with skin care and am always on the hunt for new lotions, potions and treatments that promise to make my skin silky smooth and radiant - I swear by Lancome Visionnaire and Clarins Flash Beauty Balm. I suffered from acne when I was younger and have sensitive skin now so I don't mind splurging on good face cream - a decent moisturiser is also extremely important as my hectic lifestyle often leaves my skin dehydrated. I also treat my hair to a daily dose of Moroccan Oil.”

Where are your favourite places to shop – for indulgences and bargains?

Andrea: “I prefer little boutiques over big department stores. Anna in Primrose Hill and The Village Bicycle in Notting Hill for clothes, Blitz in Shoreditch for vintage, Ben Pentreath in Holborn for homewares, and Labour & Wait in Shoreditch for kitchen goodies. I also struggle to walk past any Topshop, Urban Outfitters or Zara without picking up something cheap and cheerful for a night out. I'm trying to work on cutting down on buying lots of cheaper, trendy clothes and concentrating on classic, well-made pieces. If my whole wardrobe were from Cos and Reiss I'd be quite content.”

Sarah: “I can't pass a market without picking up a little trinket or two and I also have a serious addiction to all things from Zara at the moment.  I indulge in accessories; handbags and shoes or bits of jewellery - beautiful pieces that will last.”

Best piece of advice you’ve been given/heard?

“Don't give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about. And all problems can be solved with cupcakes.”


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Blogger Spotlight: Lips So Facto

Posted by on in Blogger Spotlight


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Lips So Facto?

“I'm Meg and I'm a 23-year-old freelance writer living in London with my boyfriend and two pet rabbits. I started Lips So Facto in 2011 shortly after starting to make YouTube videos. I was finding that there were products I wanted to share my experience of which didn't fit in videos, so I set up the blog to deal with the 'overspill'. Since then I think I've come to enjoy it even more than YouTube. I love the whole process of planning and writing posts.”

How did you come up with your blog name?

“I don't remember exactly as my blog had the same name as my YouTube channel, MeganIsobel, for a while. I must have seen the phrase 'ipso facto' written somewhere that day. It's latin for 'by the very nature of the deed' but the play on words seemed perfect for a beauty blog, and it appears to be a name people remember which is always useful!”

You cover a variety if topics on your blog but what are you favourite things to write about and why?

“I love writing about new launches which are a little bit different; be it a new brand or some kind of new 'beauty technology', it's always really exciting. I also love posting DIYs. It takes forever to plan and photograph the stages but it's so nice when someone recreates it and tweets you a photo of their version!”

What are your more popular posts?

“They tend to be the ones that readers can refer back to. I have a post on beauty expiration dates and more recently which beauty buys to pick up on holiday. They've both been really popular. Posts on new product launches are always well received too.”

How and when did your interest in beauty begin?

“I've always loved beauty from an art perspective. Its power to transform or enhance fascinates me and I remember liking the tactility of rooting through my mum's makeup bag when I was younger, but I didn't truly get into beauty until I was 19.  My flatmate was watching YouTube beauty videos and it made me realise that there were a hundred better versions of everything I had in my makeup bag, I just had to go out and find them. A year later I was totally hooked.”

 What brands/products are your staples?

“For makeup, I never seem to go wrong with NARS. Their Sheer Glow foundation is one of my staples and it's so easy to find a colour match because they cater to so many skin tones. I also love their blushes. I'm a fan of low maintenance lip colour, so you can normally find a lip stain of some description knocking around in my handbag. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are a nice, affordable version. For skincare I have a bit of a wardrobe, but my staples include Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing balm, Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and Origins Make A Difference Plus moisturisers. I swear by Pureology's sulphate free shampoos for my super sensitive scalp.”

What do you spend the most time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

“Definitely skincare (although my hair takes a bit of taming!). I tend to stick to neutral make-up day to day, so I try to spend the extra time looking after my skin.”

Where do you discover new brands and products you try?

“Like most beauty fans, I enjoy a good wander around beauty halls to see what's new. There is so much variety now, with well curated hotspots like Harvey NicholsBeautyMART and SpaceNK, that it's not hard to uncover new favourites. I'm also really lucky to hear from PRs and brands directly through my blog. I've been introduced to some wonderful niche brands that I might not have discovered on my usual rounds.”

Looking back what has been your biggest beauty disaster?

“It's a boring answer, but probably over-plucking my eyebrows. I didn't cause any lasting damage, but photos from about age 13-15 are a bit cringeworthy. Thankfully that was about as bad as it got; I think my Mum stepped in to prevent any huge disasters. I should probably phone her and thank her for that!”

Best piece of advice you've heard/been given?

“Definitely to increase my Omega 3 intake. It's a little bit of a task to remember to take supplements or include extra sources in my diet, but it does wonders for the skin, hair and nails.”

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