Blogger Spotlight: KaKa Beauty Blog





Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started KaKa Beauty Blog?

“I'm a bit of a make up hoarder; I'm terrible, I never throw anything out! I have such a massive case of it all now that it has become borderline obsessive! I had all this make up and yet I was still forever buying more! I guess I started blogging because I wanted a space to share it all with people! It started as a diary of my spending habits and it gradually became a favourite past time! If I'm not shopping nowadays then I'm usually blogging!”


When did your interest in beauty begin?

“Unfortunately I was not blessed with great skin, and as an awkward teenager I tried my best to my hide imperfections. My first make up item was a compact by 17 that I used to hide the eczema on my face. Whilst it never really helped hide the rash, it did make me feel better in my own skin! I guess it was at this point that I realised that I love how make up helps me feel more like me, and so began a lifelong beauty journey!


Your nail art is pretty impressive – how did you start and are you professionally trained?

“Thanks! I never really thought much about this to be honest. My blog started as a beauty blog, but somehow my nail art has managed to become some of the more popular posts. I'm not a trained nail artist though, just a self taught nail polish addict. People around me now refer to my collection as the ‘Bucket’.

I guess it began when I used to work as a marketeer for a nail brand. We had a collection to launch and I started painting samples on to acrylic nails to see what we could do. I ended up doing a camouflage design to which a colleague at the time suggested that I had an apt for this. I went home to do a bit of research and found loads of nail art posts by bloggers already! I got really inspired to do my own! 1 year on with loads of practice, here I am!”


As a beauty writer what is your favourite thing to write about?

“That's a tough one because I love make up and nails equally! I guess if I HAD to pick one I'd choose nail art! Since nail art takes time to do, it’s extra satisfying when you can write and share it with people; after all you're going to want people to be able to appreciate the hard work and effort you put into it.

I'm still hoping that one day I will master a whole new technique/look that will take the nail art world by storm! Haha fingers crossed hey! I'm so in love with Madeline Poole's work! Her Nail Framing nail art was just brilliant! I'd love to get inside her head to see what inspires her incredible nail art!”


What brands/products are your staples?

“Oh gosh I have many it's hard to name a few, but brands that I love include e.l.f. Cosmetics, Illamasqua and Mac Cosmetics. My staple products that I use everyday include eyeliner, Lipstick and most importantly lipbalm! I am the worst for dry lips and need to carry my Bisteze with me everywhere or else I turn into a Diva!

When I paint my nails I like to use a ridge filler as I have very ridged nails, they run pretty deep so I either have to buff them out or fill them. I don't always like to buff though as it thins out my nails. So to give them a break I'll use Mavala Ridge Filler to make my nails looks super smooth and ridge free!”


 In terms of day to day what's your default beauty look?

“I Iove the minimal make up look; as deceiving as that sounds, minimal make up isn't very minimal at all! It takes so much product to make you look like you're not wearing very much at all! Oh the irony!”


Are there any trends for the Spring/Summer season that you’re looking forward to trying out?

“I'm very much looking forward to the Pale Nails trend! I love wearing white and nude polishes! It just makes everything look so elegant! Plus its one of the easiest trend to do! I'm not very good when it comes to braving mad beauty looks!”


What do you spend the most time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

“I'm a big believer in skin care! I spend a fortune on creams and potions that promise to make my super sensitive/dry skin more radiant and supple! I've come a long way with my skin and it's getting better, and my eczema doesn’t act out as much anymore!”


Where do you discover new brands and products to try?

“I love reading blogs as much as I love writing them. I find most of my beauty crazes/products/wishlists by discovering them on other blogs! My favourite blogs to read include so many, but to name a few: Le Beauty Girl, Epiphannie A, British Beauty Blogger, and a recent discovery of mine Victoria from In The Frow, she has the most amazing hair! There are hundreds more but I cant relay them all here otherwise it might start looking like an essay!”


Looking back what has been your biggest beauty disaster?

“Hmm... I don't know why this is so hard, I've probably committed quite a few beauty crimes in my time! I think it would be when I had my hair professionally straightened after I'd bleached my hair! BIG mistake! The treatment just burnt and damaged all my hair and I had to cut my long hair into a short helmet crop! Not a good look! My hair was so dry for months.”


Best piece of advice you've heard/been given? 

“Another tough one! I really like washing my face with Chrysanthemums! My aunty told me that this was very soothing especially for my super sensitive skin! I had a massive rash breakout and I was in so much pain from the broken, bleeding skin at this point I was ready to try anything! My mum always has a stash of Chrysanthemums that I steal to make my DIY facewash! It’s so soothing! My rash was instantly looking better and less raw after one wash! I've been hooked ever since!”

KaKa Beauty Blog

Blogger Spotlight: Peanut Buttered






Tell us a bit about yourself, how you met and why you started peanut buttered?

“We met while working as show business journalists at news website Mail Online, and instantly hit it off. Andrea is an Aussie living across the Pond, while Sarah is a Northern girl hailing from Manchester. After bonding over food, wine, gossip, and sunny climes (fun fact: we lived around the corner from each other in Sydney a few years back, and never met) we were separated when Andrea, and subsequently Sarah went on secondment to Los Angeles.  It was while Sarah was in LA that we decided to team up on a project - a creative outlet that was completely separate from work.  We talked about it and talked about it and finally, one day in April, Peanut Buttered was born. It's our very own little space to muse over the little things in life that make us smile.”

What are your favourite things to write about and why?

“Anything stylish and scrumptious - beauty, food and travel are our primary themes, with a little fashion, fitness and fun on the town thrown in. Basically, the things we love to do. Andrea loves to bake and play with manicures, while Sarah is a fitness freak and a bit of a party animal, running around events all over town, and we're both huge foodies with the travel bug.”

What are your most popular posts?

“The recipes in our 'nom nom nom' section do well, especially if they're particularly indulgent, like our Mr Whippy Cupcakes or Love Brownies. Our regular Tuesday Talons manicure posts have a smaller but more dedicated following. Travel posts are always a hit, for the escapism factor, and then sometimes we are surprised by ones that do well. Sarah wrote about a walk she took in Derbyshire a few weeks ago, which we didn't think would be hugely popular, but we just loved the gorgeous pictures she took. It did amazingly well.”   

Food is featured quite heavily – who’s the bigger foodie of the two?

“Andrea cooks, and Sarah is the official taste tester! We are both huge foodies. We would eat out at a new restaurant every night if our wallets allowed it. We have a list of 'must try' places that is never-ending.  Andrea would happily spend the rest of her life in a kitchen, whipping up decadent desserts and sumptuous dinners, but Sarah weighs in from time to time with some healthy recipes to balance out all the naughty treats we write about.”

You seem to be constantly out and about – how do you find the time to blog?

“We are both running around London as part of our jobs, either at events, red carpets and launches, or trying out new bars and restaurants. Andrea is now freelance, so she manages to fit in blogging as part of her daily routine, while Sarah writes on her days off. It can be hectic at times, but having two of us helps - if Sarah has a particularly busy week or is out of town, Andrea will pick up the slack, and vice versa. We are in constant contact, either over the phone or text, checking each other's work, giving feedback and forward planning what we will be posting for the next week. It also helps that we love writing Peanut Buttered... It's our baby!”

From a beauty perspective what do you invest the most in and why?

Andrea: “Nail polish. My collection is getting slightly out of hand. I mix it up with a number of different brands, both higher end, and more affordable for the seasonal, on-trend colours. The neon shades I adored in the summer seem bizarre to me already. Mavala, OPI, Essie and Barry M are the bottles that take up the most space in my collection. I also love a rich, great quality body moisturiser - Kiehl's Creme de Corps is my saviour in the cold English winter, face exfoliator - Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is wonderful, and candles - Diptyque, Jo Malone and Malin + Goetz are my favourites.”

Sarah:“I am obsessed with skin care and am always on the hunt for new lotions, potions and treatments that promise to make my skin silky smooth and radiant - I swear by Lancome Visionnaire and Clarins Flash Beauty Balm. I suffered from acne when I was younger and have sensitive skin now so I don't mind splurging on good face cream - a decent moisturiser is also extremely important as my hectic lifestyle often leaves my skin dehydrated. I also treat my hair to a daily dose of Moroccan Oil.”

Where are your favourite places to shop – for indulgences and bargains? 

Andrea: “I prefer little boutiques over big department stores. Anna in Primrose Hill and The Village Bicycle in Notting Hill for clothes, Blitz in Shoreditch for vintage, Ben Pentreath in Holborn for homewares, and Labour & Wait in Shoreditch for kitchen goodies. I also struggle to walk past any Topshop, Urban Outfitters or Zara without picking up something cheap and cheerful for a night out. I'm trying to work on cutting down on buying lots of cheaper, trendy clothes and concentrating on classic, well-made pieces. If my whole wardrobe were from Cos and Reiss I'd be quite content.”

Sarah: “I can't pass a market without picking up a little trinket or two and I also have a serious addiction to all things from Zara at the moment.  I indulge in accessories; handbags and shoes or bits of jewellery - beautiful pieces that will last.” 

Best piece of advice you’ve been given/heard?

“Don't give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about. And all problems can be solved with cupcakes.”




Mavala Trend Collection: Heavy Metals




 Adorn yourself with the ultimate beauty armour for the new seasons with the Mavala 'Heavy Metals', Autumn/Winter Trend Collection. Comprising of five key striking shades, these standout colours offer high pigmented hues with a stunning metallic foil finish.

As our resident nail expert Jenni Draper explains, "Come Autumn the metallic finish is going to reign supreme. Seek out vivid and rich colours such as reds, blues and purples for evening attire and tone it down with paler shades for day time. Ensure you use a topcoat for the best high-gloss light reflective finish that this trend deserves".



Blogger Spotlight: Beauty In The Mirror




Introducing our first Blogger Spotlight of 2013...


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Beauty in the Mirror.

“I live in Devon with my family and two cuddly cats. I work at home so I can be with my children.  I remember getting hooked on Beauty Blogs a few years ago and soon plucked up the courage to start my own blog.”


When did your interest in beauty begin?

“I have always had a passion for beauty from a young age and have been lucky enough to work for a few companies, I have a natural desire towards makeup and skincare. I love nothing more than walking into a department store and looking at all the beautiful makeup stands. I'm like a child in a sweetie shop, I want it ALL!!”


As a beauty writer what is your favourite thing to write about?

“I really enjoy writing about favourite products and storage ideas, these are both topics which I enjoy reading about and so in turn I enjoy writing about them. However if I had to pick a certain area within beauty it would be skincare. I'm a big believer in skincare and for me skincare is an investment. You can spend all the money in the world on makeup but you need a good base to start with.”


What do you spend the most time on in terms of make-up, skincare and haircare?

“I would say Skincare. I enjoy using facial masks on a weekly basis! I'm a true Skincare junkie and want to age gracefully; we only get one face so treat it well!”


What brands/products are your staples?

“Oh, this is good question. Staple products which I could not be without have to be mascara, concealer and lip balm. These are my desert island essentials. As for brands I love Clarins, Origins and my newest discoveries are REN and Nude Skincare.”


In terms of day to day what's your default beauty look?

“Natural- I enjoy prepping my skin and giving it a nice healthy glow, soft pink cheeks, natural eyes, mascara and a pink lip. I'm obsessed with highlighter and rely on it most days!”


Who epitomises the idea of timeless beauty to you and why?

“Audrey Heburn, she was a natural beauty and often makes me think we don't need to pile on makeup to look or feel beautiful.”


Where do you discover new brands and products you?

“I'm always reading beauty blogs, beauty sections in magazines and of course YouTube.”


Looking back what has been your biggest beauty disaster?

“Over plucking my eyebrows! I did this in my teens and had to wait for them to grow back- it wasn't a great look!”


Best piece of advice you've heard/been given?

“Using a foundation brush to apply face masks! This is such a good idea and one which has made such a difference for me! Product isn't wasted and you can apply the mask effectively and evenly all over the skin!”


Any beauty related New Years resolutions?

“To keep my skincare routine simple, not to hoard products and to use products up! Let's hope I keep to it- for my husbands sake!”

Beauty In The Mirror



Mavala at London Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2013




Today marks the end of London Fashion Week for yet another season and Mavala truly made their mark as our Nail Ambassador Jenni Draper created two strong looks for both the Bora Aksu and Holly Fulton S/S13 Collection:






Blogger Spotlight: Mouldy Fruit




Tell us your name and a bit about yourself?

"I'm Zara a typical girly girl, an absolute make up and jewellery junkie. I adore fashion and have developed a passion for photography. I love to travel and exploring new cultures excites me!"

Why did you start the blog and why the name Mouldy Fruit?

"I'd been reading blogs for ages and figured I wanted to be able to share my experiences and my love for beauty with others. I saw blogging as a platform to talk and interact with people who enjoyed the same things as myself.

The name Mouldyfruit just came to me one day, I was with my brother and his friend and it was one of those lightbulb moments! We laughed about it for ages, but I love it. It's stuck with me and it's who I am now. I also love that it's nothing associated with beauty - It keeps people curious and it's a name people don't often forget!"

What's your favourite thing to write about and what are your most popular posts?

"It changes to be honest; my blog is a beauty and lifestyle blog so although I predominantly post about beauty I personally enjoy writing about traveling. I love to share new places and take photographs that make my readers feel as if they are there with me; experiencing what I am! But then there are times I'm really excited about my new nail polish or my favourite lipstick. I have to say my readers are great and I think they like the variety my blog offers."

You feature a lot of travel on your blog - what have been your favourite destinations?


"Eeek! Do I have enough time? 

I love Tokyo the energy there is crazy, the fashion is insane and their creativity with make up is inspiring. Miami is one of my favourite places to be the vibe is great and it's always so sunny and relaxed. I also love New York because it's so similar to London, fast and fun!

BUT I think Paris is the place that holds my heart. I visit pretty often and it's safe to say I'm obsessed with all things French from Macaroons to skin care."

From a beauty perspective what are your favourite rituals?

"I love nothing more than my evening cleanse, I always feel like I'm washing away the day. Nothing beats the feeling of clean skin just before bed."

Brands you go back to time and time again?


"I swear by Eve Lom cleanser, it's my holy grail. When it comes to make up I'm a huge MAC and NARS fan and of course when it comes to nails - I love my Mavala nail polishes I've been wearing them for years (I used to steal my mums!)"

Favourite places to shop?

"My favourite place to shop in London has to be Brick Lane/Spitafields. I love discovering unique designers and one off vintage pieces and East London is an amazing place for that."

Biggest beauty no-no?

"Going to sleep with make up on!"

Best piece of style advice you've been told?

"I live by the words of Coco Chanel; A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous'"

What is true beauty to you?

"True beauty to me is about finding beauty in the imperfections and realising perfect isn't beautiful. It's about embracing individuality and being confident in the person you are."

Mouldy Fruit






The New Year is a pivotal time to stop procrastinating and start kicking those bad habits out. If you’re one of the 20-40% of the adult population who find themselves nibbling away at your delicate nails (whether it be to stress or nerves) then we have the perfect solution; Mavala STOP.

This unique toxin-free formula, once applied to the nails leaves a bitter and long lasting taste that is guaranteed to put off even the most ardent of nail nibblers, and leabves your nails growing to their healthy best.

So if this is one habit you really want to rid for 2013 give it a go!



Dip in to Denim with Jeans for Genes day




Friday 5th October marks Jeans for Genes Day, an annual charity fundraising event for Genetic Disorders UK.

This year we've partnered with the charity to create our limited edition Jeans for Genes  Collection,  with proceeds from sales of each kit going back to Genetic Disorders UK. Comprising of our distinctive Denim Blue Polish and essential mini base and topcoats, our charitable offering is now available exclusively through Beauty Bay with all of those that purchase the kit entered into a prize draw for a chance to win manicures for you and your entire office! 

Find out more about Jeans for Genes Day


Blogger Spotlight: Kokoro Nails




Tell us a bit about yourself and Kokoro Nails

"I'm Carly, the most typical girl you can imagine from London. I created a nail art blog called Kokoro Nails and that’s why I’m here. Painting has always been my life; I obsessed over powder paints aged 4, only ever doing paintings bigger than me! I experimented further and even had some work exhibited. Now my paintings are much smaller and they're on my nails!"

How did you get into nail art and are you professionally trained?

"A few years ago I contracted vestibular neuronitis. I felt seasick permanently and for a long time. This was when I discovered Wah Nails and well, that was it. Using a toothpick I emulated their designs and progressed from there really. This became my outlet and sanity while being house-bound. Nail art is no easy skill to learn, especially while feeling sick, but I love that it’s been such a difficult challenge. I struggled yet carried on because I loved it so much. In a way I'm a geek and even took something as superficial as pretty nails so seriously. All my designs are free-hand and I am self-taught."

Why did you start the blog and where does the name come from

"I posted some nail art on Instagram thinking nothing of it. Within a few hours they were featured on its most popular page. The response was crazy making me think that I might actually be quite good at this! As I posted more, this kept happening so starting a blog became a no-brainer. The blogging community has been such a pleasure to be part of and I can see why it's so big! 
Kokoro is a Japanese word meaning 'the heart and mind'. It's just such a beautiful sounding word with a beautiful meaning. I picked it up from the Japanese music."

What are your inspirations and influences?

"Like any artist, my inspirations are only limited by imagination. No matter your skill you can always produce something that's individual and with your own take on anything. I especially love designs from fashion prints and graphics. I get excited over intricate repeated patterns as they always look glam, or sometimes I just love to throw everything at it like it's a Christmas tree."

What are your most popular designs?


"Inspired by a pair of leggings, my wintery Fair Isle nails are my most popular design. They took as long as you'd expect (hours), but I'm so proud of them. I'm also proud of my Cath Kidston nails being the first detailed nails I ever did. 
The key is to have an idea and to never question your ability in achieving it; the only way to find out is to just go for it!"

Your nails look rather strong and healthy - what if any treatments do you use?

"I've always been lucky with my nails and they've always been long. I use Superdrug's nourishing acetone-free nail polish remover, CND's Solar Oil and I slather on L'Occitane's hand cream which I'm sure helps. I also file my nails in one direction to avoid weakening them."

Other than nails what other areas of beauty are you into?

"I’m not very makeup skilled so I focus on skincare, especially the pampering kind! I forever want the softest skin possible really so I just started dermarolling and my skin has never looked better.
I'm also rubbish with hair, so my secret is London's blow-dry bar Blo. If my hair ever looks good it's because of Blo!"

What are your go to beauty brands?

"Dermalogica, L'Occitane, The Body Shop, REN, Frederic Fekkai, and Xen-Tan are my long-time favourites, but I try to incorporate a lot of natural products too. I use a DIY vitamin C serum, rose hip oil (vitamin E), coconut oil and a bamboo body brush- I couldn't be without any of them! I’m taking the best from both science and nature I guess.

For nail brands I mainly use Mavala, OPI, Essie, Barry M, Topshop Nails and Model's Own. I faithfully use Seche Vite's topcoat and buy it in bulk. It's the perfect finishing touch as it smoothes everything out with a mirror shine."

If you had to wear one nail colour for the next six months what would it be and why?


"Oh dear, that is the scariest thought ever as I'd have to be in a coma! From my blog it's clear that I'm Mavala Blue Mint's biggest fan; I'm even wearing it right now! It's the perfect blue; neither too baby nor too bold. The colour is so versatile that it finds its way into so many designs. One of my favourite looks is my Easter nails using Blue Mint with Mavala Colour-Matt- they look edible! Pastels are my staple because of how well designs show and because I’m a bit of an old lady like that."

Top tips for healthy nails



With the festive season just around the corner we've enlisted the help of our resident Nail Expert, Lynn Gray to help you get your nails in top speck for the Christmas and New Year periods....

thin nails



Blogger Spotlight: Strawberry Blonde




Tell us a bit about yourself and Strawberry Blonde.

“I live in Belfast and am a work at home mum with two little ones. My background is in PR and I now work as a freelance writer.  My blog mainly focuses on luxury and natural beauty products, including makeup, skincare, fragrance and of course, nails!”

Why did you start writing about beauty?

“ I spend a lot of my day writing about quite full on, serious topics for clients, so my blog is an outlet to focus on some of the things I'm really passionate about, like beauty!  When I started blogging I thought it was something I'd do occasionally, but I enjoy it so much I'm absolutely hooked, so now I do it most days.”

What's your favourite thing to write about and why?

“Gosh, I'm torn by this one... makeup, skincare and fragrance ALL excite me. I guess if I had to choose one it would be makeup, as the colours, textures and effect are such an instant hit and can transform me from scary into presentable in just 5 minutes!” 

What's your daily beauty routine like?

“ Skincare is incredibly important to me... I *try* to use spf every day, generally use either primer or serum, followed by moisturiser before applying foundation. I don't like to overload my skin with products, so I do give my skin a break every now and then - and have a new love affair with face masks. Prepping the skin and really looking after it makes everything you place on top look and perform so much better.” 

What would you say you invest more time and money in - hair, skin, make-up?  

“Hmmm my hair probably takes the most time as it's a bit wild and requires quite a lot of taming to look presentable. Skincare is where my money goes: I'll always invest in that over makeup. Anything that goes directly on my face justifies spends, so foundation, powder and concealer. I'm happy to go low end on pretty much everything else, especially mascara and lipgloss, which I think can be just as good as high end.”

What brands and products do you find yourself going back to time and time again?

“For skincare, Alpha H; makeup - Laura Mercier and Hair, Label M. “

Favourite beauty look and do you tend to follow beauty trends or have a signature look that works for you?  

“I generally go for quite a natural look and aim for flawless but natural looking skin, lightly flushed cheeks and lips and a gently smokey eye. For evening I big up the eyes, add shimmer and bright or dark lips.  I follow some trends, like pastel or neon nails and a strong brow, but I pick and choose what I think will suit me personally.”

Biggest beauty no-no and why?

“Foundation that is too dark. It drains life and light out of the face and flatters no-one. Always best to go light and add depth and colour where needed.”

What's the most important lesson you've learnt when it comes to approaching beauty?  

“Look after your skin, stay out of the sun and know your own face - use makeup to enhance rather than change your features. “


Stepping Out in Style




Havaianas & Mavala team-up to launch the summer ‘Beauty Bar’ at John Lewis, Oxford Street

To celebrate the beginning of Summer we’ve teamed-up with world renowned flip flop brand Havaianas to launch the Havaianas Beauty Bar in John Lewis, Oxford Street!

Head on over to the second floor from Saturday 19th May 2012 and receive a complementary shape and polish pedicure when you purchase a pair of the Havaianas Slim, available in a splendid array of eighteen colours. Choose from a selection of matching or clashing Mavala shades; either way you’ll be stepping out fully prepped for the Summer months ahead.

Beauty Bar exclusively from 19th May-5th June 2012.

Call John Lewis on 08456 049 049 to book your slot.

(Whist stocks last and subject to appointment availability)